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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 10, 2013 12:00pm-2:00pm EST

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have a great sunday. >> take care, everybody. john roberts' next. >> the white out is gone but the blackout remains. hundreds of thousands in the northeast still in the dark as the serious business are digging out gets under way. we'll have live fox team coverage. an ex police officer goes from huntatory hunted. the manhunt for the cop turned suspected killer goes on. support -- >> no confirmation without information. not satisfied with answers on benghazi, senator lindsay graham threatens to hold up the nominee unless he gets answers. karl rove defends his super pac
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against charges his aim is a tea party purge. i'm john roberts, america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital starts right now. we begin with a manhunt for a former lapd officer turned accused killer. edthelet chief ordered a reviewf the disciplinary case that led to his dismaysal. dorner alleges his law enforcement career was undone by racist colleagues. the police chief promise to say hear him out if he surrenders. we've the latest. this guy has not been spotted in a while. seems he's gone off the grid. >> that's right. police say it's almost as if he's vanished. los angeles police chief beck says he may reopen the investigation no how and why christopher dorner was fired but
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not to appease him. he's doing this so that the public knows exactly how this happened and that's why they're doing the review. they will either validate or refuse dorner's claims he was unjustly let go. here's the chief in a interview. >> we're going to reexamine the investigation, go through and reinterview witnesses if necessary. we're going to look at the evidence. it's important we be transparent. whenever anybody raises allegations we look at them. >> investigators say in dorner's burned out truck found in the mountains, where much of the search is focusing, they found weapons. police in irvine searched a storage locker belonging to dorner. the manhunt extended into northern mexico. law enforcement officials say he could be anywhere, which brings us back to downtown los angeles,
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which will host the grammy as tonight at the staples center, not far from the los angeles police headquarters where we are now. there's stepped up security there tonight. they had road blocks there early this morning. as you know, police officers are dorner's target. >> what are the theorist with this guy? in his manifesto he seemed to suggest he wouldn't be around much longer. is there any thought he's taken his life or do they believe he's still out there. >> there are multiple theories. he could have taken his life. it's a mystery regarding his truck because track led away from the truck up in the mountains near big bear lake then they disappeared. he seemed bent on revenge and said he would go away and then reappear. there is fear he's waiting things out.
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he patiently planned this vengeful shooting. they remain on detail. the targets are people he blames for being part of his firing. >> frightening situation. >> our other top story, the digout in new england. the blizzard brought for than 3 feet of snow to some areas. 400,000 homes and businesses remain without power and utilities in rhode island and massachusetts warn it may take another day at least before power is restored. we've got live team coverage this afternoon. >> let's again with molly at logan airport, probably wishing she could get the on a flight for warmer climate. >> everything's great.
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it's beautiful out here. a beautiful day to get to work and dig out and the authorities, the mayor, as well as the governor, say they think things are going well. at logan, things have hoped at of 11:00 last night. a busy day, we've seen a traffic, plenty of people coming out with suitcases so flights are coming, taking off and landing. you're advised to check your flight before you come to take one or pick somebody up because things are busy. just one runway running. across the city there's good news. the mbta, the t as it's called, had been shut down. it's expected to opennen a limited basis this afternoon. the focus is tomorrow's rush hour. they want to be ready for monday morning. that's the goal and they think they're going to be able to achieve that. they advise things could be
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running slowly. plan to be there early and a slow ride to work. let's touch on the power outages. the majority of them are south of boston. the south shore, cape cod, 80,000 still without power on cape cod. a little bit of good news to come. tomorrow it's expected to warm to 40 degrees. today's a beautiful day. that gives crews a chance to get out and help get power back on and get their heat back in their homes. i'm sure they look forward to that. >> molly, thank you. now that the snow totals are in, the not so lucky winner of the storm is milford, connecticut, with a whopping 38 inches. that's enough to lose many breeds of small dogs. anna is live in milford. you drew the short straw. how is it there? >> well, it's cold today too. temperatures are expected to get above freezing but it's going to be a while that the snow will be hanging around.
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38 inches in milford, some parts, 40 inches, breaking records. we're here on a train platform, commuter trains are not running. you see the snow and can see why. they're not expected to be up and running tomorrow. see that sign? service suspended. we can also tell you that driving around yesterday and even this morning, pretty much nothing is open. some residents have never seen this much snow. >> once before. and what -- the blizzard of '78 i think it was. and it was just like this deep also. maybe this is deeper. no, definitely deeper. >> i've been plowing that bank 25 years and this is the most i've seen. it's unbelievable. >> reporter: the storm is blamed for at least five deaths in the united states, including an 11-year-old in boston who died of carbon monoxide poisoning while waiting in a
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car. the travel bans have been lifted in massachusetts where molly is and connecticut but the governors are still urging caution. >> do not go on the roads. stay off the roads. first of all they're not as safe as we would like them to be. secondly, there's a lot of blowing snow. thirdly advances and exits are still not open. >> police in new york are bringing in road graders and have portions of the long island expressway closed until 5:00. 150 cars were stuck and emergency crews had to make rescues. the majority of new york fared well and governor cuomo is sending plows and power crews to massachusetts and connecticut since they got hit harder. we can tell you we're hearing president obama has signed the emergency declaration for connecticut to bring in resources. >> good news.
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anna, thanks. our chief meteorologist rick reichmuth in the fox extreme weather center. we understand there's another severe weather threat. >> it's not for the northeast. i'll start with the northeast and that storm that's severe is going to be into the underneath northeast tomorrow and rain. it's not severe but rain. molly was talking about a warmup. the temperatures look pretty good. the problem is with the rain, even though the temperatures are warmer, because it's rain, the rain is going to fall on the snow and suck up the rain like a sponge and get very hard. today has to be the day you shovel your roofs because tomorrow, add the weight of the water and likely roofs will collapse. today's the day you do your work. it's a nice day. do everything you can. this is a look at that storm you see temperatures getting above freezing for the most part for everybody. it's overnight tonight into tomorrow morning we start to see this move in. starting as a little bit of freezing rain mixing in and then
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all rain by the time it's done. a good half inch or so, three quarters falling for some. this is another blizzard, 6 to 12 inches and windy conditions. the southern side of that storm is where we have a tornado threat a couple of tornado watch boxes, a new one here. i'm not sure when that expires. that one expires at 2:00. this as it continues to pull to the east. a significant threat for tornadoes today. its going to bring a lot of rain which in some cases is beneficial news in georgia but a threat of tornadoes. tomorrow the rain moves in. if you've been out shoveling snow, it's one thing. try shoveling wet snow, there's a different story. >> get it out of the way today. thank you very much. we'll check back with you. a leading republican senator is threaten to hold up confirm nation of president obama''s national security nominees unless he gets more answers on the benghazi tragedy.
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appearing on "face the nation," lindsay graham said he'll attempt to block the nominations of chuck hagel and john brennan, accusing the white house of stone walling. he wants to know what the president was doing at the time of the september attack on the u.s. consulate in libya that killed four americans. i don't think we should allow brennan to go forward for the c.i.a. director ship, hagel to be confirmed to secretary of defense until the white house gives an accounting. did the president pick up the phone and call anyone to help. >> with his take on benghazi, the hagel brennan confirmation and looming sequester is richard bloomen tholl. i trust the weather's not too bad where you are. >> the roads are building cleared and people ought to shovel now, as you have suggested, rather than waiting, but we're undigging, digging
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out. and it's winter, it's new england. it's snow and we're dealing with it. >> i grew up in canada so i know about snow. >> let me go to what senator graham said on "face the nation" where he said he's going to do everything he can to block the nominations of john brennan and chuck hagel until and unless the president comes up with a full accounting of what he was doing during the attack on the benghazi consulate and the c.i.a. annex. your response? >> senator graham has raised very thoughtful and important questions and certainly pointedly raised them in the hearing with senator hagel. i believe that senator hagel's confirmation will go forward, that the senate will vote to approve it. the votes are there. at least as of last week. and i think that the question about senator hagel really is
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whether he's qualified to be secretary of defense. i think he's shown by his statements on iran, where he has said that he is infavor of sanctions and unilateral military action if necessary on israel, that he would strongly support israel's security, his commitment to stopping sexual assault and military and variety of other politics where he and the president are in accord that he's qualified and the president deserves to pick his team. he's deferring of some prerogative. a number of republicans senators indicated they will vote to end any filibuster attempt on senator hagel. as to mr. brennan there are questions there too. >> what about the idea there has not been a full accounting of president obama's whereabouts and his involvement during the attack? from what you have heard are there holes that need to be
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filled in? >> there may be some questions that need to be answered. but holding the confirmation proceedings in effect as a kind of condition or even perhaps a possible prerequisite for answering those questions i think would unnecessarily delay those approvals that the president deserves to have. >> senator, leon panetta said in testimony this past week that he had one telephone call with the president, chairman dempsey was on the line, the call was 30 minutes long during the event in benghazi. do you think that was a level of involvement that was appropriate for the president? were you surprised that was the only phone call? >> secretary panetta indicated that there were actions that he would have taken with the
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benefit of hindsight that perhaps would have been different but he also said the major gap was in effect an intelligent gap, knowing what was happening on the ground. we'll need to revisit the procedures that we used. all actions taken in light of the need for greater intelligence which he identified as the major, in effect, gap during that time. >> of course coming up on tuesday, the president's annual stay of the union address, focusing on jobs and the economy. do you believe he'll pay the appropriate amount of attention to the issue that's preimminent on the concerns americans's are facing? >> he'll make jobs and the economy the centerpiece of the state of union and the centerpiece of the next months and perhaps years. he clearly believes that we need to pushorward on measures to
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stop gun violence. i strongly support his efforts there. especially the requirement he's proposed and i strongly support for national background checks on firearms and ammunition. also, on immigration reform. i think he will talk about immigration accountability and accountable immigration reform that provides earned citizenship. the center piece will be jobs and the economy and he'll recognize more needs to be done, particularly for veterans coming back in increasing numbers. >> of course the president will undoubtedly mention the sequester and again his call for a smaller package of tax increases and spending cuts. senate democrats talked about kicking it down the road all the way to the end of the year. a lot of earns -- americans have the question, why does this keep getting kicked down the road and done in small pieces instead of
12:17 pm
a grand bargain where we get the debt under control. >> a grand bargain or overarranging deal is what we need. i perfectly well understand the questions raised by a lot of americans by why it hasn't been done. i think the president's preference would be for that kind of more permanent, larger solution. remember what sequester means, for example to our military readiness. secretary panetta said in his testimony during this week's hearing that the sequester would be irresponsible for congress to permit. he used the word irresponsible. the reason is across the board, arbitrary cuts were designed to be unacceptable, irrational and intolerable and we should do everything we can to avoid that impact to military readiness. there are balanced approaches involving revenue, and spending
12:18 pm
cuts. we need to cut spending responsibly, protected and strengthen medicare and similar programs and close loopholes that apply to the wealthiest americans. that larger -- you referred to as a grand bargain, is what we should seek. >> there will be a lot of debate over that in the next few weeks. senator richard bloomen thattha, that are for joining us. >> thank you. >> former vice president dick chain is blasting president obama's picks and says ejeopardizing national security with nominations for secretary of state and secretary of defensing saying the performance of barack obama as he staffs up the national security team is dismal, frankly. what he's appointed are second rate people. aspirin iran -- >> officials bust a weapons
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today we're saying good-bye to a great commander and changing command. but today is not about change. it's about continuity. what's not changed is the will of this coalition. what's not changed is the discipline and the spirit of the team. what's not changed is the growing capability of our afghan partners, afghan national security forces. >> general dun ford is the new commander in afghanistan. in a ceremony general john animal allen passed on the flag. he'd been this longer serving commander. >> iran says new un sanctioning are and i as destabilizing country. we're learning more about iran's alleged involvement in a major arms shipment intercepted by the
12:24 pm
united states in yemen. >> reporter: the shipment shown this week on yemeni government television contained enough explosives for 200 explosive devices and remote detonators. the most troubling, manned port ashley to air surface missiles. >> anytime you see the most sophisticated weapons introduced to enemy combatants it's dangerous. >> the weapons found by the group that called for an end to military presence in yemen was hidden in a fishing vessel that was intercepted. >> it was operating erratically and low in the water so a routine boarding was conducted. arms were discovered. crew statements indicate the point of origin was iran. >> a report concludes iran is
12:25 pm
expanding its footprint in of a ca by supplying support. the report describes iran's role in sedan as escalating with large scale shipments and assistance. fox news is told an israeli strike on the sudanese warehouse was linked to iran's smuggling operation. the head of the intelligence committee says the goal is to destabilize the region. >> the new chapter is with the chaos in northern africa, what you see happening in yemen, is to escalate arms flow. why? they're feeling the pressure. >> this week bulgarian authorities link the bus bombing was hezbollah. >> both congressman rogers and analysts believe the smuggling in weapons reflect the fact
12:26 pm
iran's partner, syria is under pressure and the regime may fall, depriving the iranians of a key ally. >> five people are dead after a cruise ship safety drill went awry in the canary islands. the ship was docked when a lifeboat fell into the ocean. five crew members from killed, three others hurt. officials say their injuries are not life-threatening. john brennan's nomination hearing. the questions turn to drone attacks. we'll talk to buck mckeen right after the break. dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. that's why i recommend polident. [ male announcer ] cleaner, fresher, brighter every day.
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after the blizzard, now comes the digout. the northeast trying to get back on track after the snowstorm. peter doocy is standing by.
12:31 pm
>> emergency crews and residents across new england are struggling to clear roads and sidewalks after the blizzard. more than 300,000 people still have no electricity and utilities predict some customers will stay in the dark until at least monday. five deaths in the u.s. are blamed on that snowstorm. the los angeles police department says it will review allegations by a former cop, now suspected killer that his career was derailed by racism. the chief says it isn't done to appease a murderer but show the department is fair. the manhunt for christopher dorner continues. police have released a bystander's video near a mardi gras shooting in new orleans that appears to show an argument before shots are heard. the shooting wounded four people, one seriously. music's biggest names getting ready for the grammys.
12:32 pm
mum ford and sons and frank ocean are among the top acts nominated. ll cool j hosts tonight in los angeles. those are the top stories. >> thank you. we'll see you soon. congress is considering the creation of a special court to oversee the white house's drone assassination program. 18 months ago anwar al awlaki was killed by a drone strike. congress was denied legal memos authorizing that strike until this week when they erupted into the headlines during the confirmation for john brennan to lead the c.i.a. joining us to talk about it chairman of the house arms service committee, buck mckeon. good to see you. the question i have is why is this just becoming an issue now? al awlaki was killed 18 months ago. we knew what was going on yet there wasn't a lot of pushback. >> well, i don't know why all of a sudden it's popping up.
12:33 pm
there are two parts of the program, one the c.i.a. is in charge of, one the military is in charge of. i have a nephew that was flying those planes over afghanistan. i went to nevada to see where they operate and how they operate. and he explained to us they don't like to be called unmanned aircraft. they like the term remotely piloted because there are many people involved. he showed me where he sits in the left seat and flies the plane after somebody in afghanistan takes it off because of the time delay. and his weapons officer sits in the seat to his right. behind him is the attorney that okays any weapon fire. so that's how it functions in the military. i'm not -- i'm really not privy to the c.i.a. missions. >> do you have a problem with the idea of this power to be
12:34 pm
judge, jury and executioner set in the white house without any judicial oversight? >> well, i don't think that's the case. because like i said, we have an attorney standing behind the weapons officer that approves any weapons fired. so we're fully within the law and functioning -- we're at war. and whatever we can do to take out the enemy, i think we should do it. and we're functioning totally within the law. >> you don't have any problem with the drone program? a lot of your republican colleagues do. they don't thing the white house shoe unilaterally targeted americans for death overseas. >> like i say, two programs, the c.i.a. runs one, and i'm not aware of how they function. then the military runs one. i do know that the military totally functions within the law.
12:35 pm
>> would you be comfort with the court, the foreign intelligence surveillance court, being the ultimate arbiter of whether or not an american could be targeted for a drone strike? >> well, i -- i think that we need to understand how we were attacked on 9/11 and ever since then and before that actually we've been involved in a worldwide war against terror. i don't think we should han cuff ourselves when people are trying to kill us. i would rather take them out first. >> even if we're talking about an american citizen here? >> we have american citizens that have tried to kill americans. and i think when they do that, they give up some of their rights. >> all right. congressman buck mckeon, good to talk to you. thanks for taking the time for us, i appreciate it. >> you bet.
12:36 pm
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if you need perspective on how much snow fell in new england and how fast, check out this time lapsed video from connecticut. the clock started friday night and ran into saturday morning. president obama has declared a state of emergency for connecticut. parts of the state got 3 feet of snow. all of the roads in the state were closed. the national guard was brought in to clear snow in new haven which got the 34 inches. confirmation hearings for john brennan launched a fresh round of debate over a tool in the long war of 0 terror. the use of drones to kill targets, including americans. how do democrats feel about the president's position he can
12:41 pm
unilaterally order the strike. henry cuellar is from texas and joins us now. congressman cuellar. you heard what buck mckeon has to say. he has not problem with the program, better to kill them before they attack us. where do you come down on it? >> well, certainly under our constitutional framework and federal legal system the president has limits on his power but this is something he's allowed. certainly congress should be able to look at the criteria he's using. i feel he can share that with us. if there are individuals that take arms against americans, under certain circumstance, the president has the power to order those strikes. >> the white house and jay carney said in regard to a question about this, the drone program is legal, ethical and
12:42 pm
wise. it allows the president basically to act at judge, jury and executioner. does it seem right to have that amount of unchecked power in the white house? the ability to determine life or death for an american citizen? >> keep in mind that the drone system and this counterterrorism tool has been brought up. it started under the bush administration and ramped up under president obama. again, i know folks have been asking what is the criteria. members of congress should be able freud that oversight and that's something the president should share with congress as we provide oversight. >> let me ask you this question, congressman. during -- you brought up the bush administration. during the bush administration democrats were going wild over rendition, warrantless wiretapping, enhanced interrogation, torture, waterboarding.
12:43 pm
why outrage over that but not over something very similar that's going on in the white house, the white house without judicial oversight over assassination of americans? >> as a student of american politics, my ph.d., i -- a republican president does certain things, the democrats will take certain actions when there's a democrat president. we've got to look at what is the institutional framework and legal system and if anybody takes arms against us, against americans, then that person, whether a democrat or republican, should be able to take steps to protect americans lives. >> would you, congressman, support modifications to the progress, specifically formation of court similar to the foreign intelligence surveillance act court that would be the arbiter
12:44 pm
of whether an american could be targeted. >> a lot depends on the criteria. i would rather wait to see what it is. if you you have an eminent thref someone engaged in terrorist acts against americans and there's no way to capture that individual and time is of urgent, we have to take that into play. the court has worked well but there are exceptions we have to look at. >> congressman henry cuellar, good to talk to you. thank you for taking the time today. >> thank you, john. completely shifting gears, planning a wedding can be a difficult process for any couple. but it can be especially hard when you are separated by war. one group is looking to make tying the knot easier for military couples. we'll tell you how right after the break. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 seems like etfs are everywhere these days.
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law enforcement agencies have teamed up to search for alleged murderer christopher dorner, a manhunt that's stretched more than a week. the former los angeles police officer is accused of killing three people, including a fellow cop. the board patrol is on high alert case dorner tries to head to mexico. hundreds of thousands of
12:49 pm
people are still without power after a storm dumped several feet of snow. more than 350,000 customers are still without electricity and heat. at the peak, more than 650,000 people were left in the dark. the paterno family is challenging the independent report that suggests former penn state coach paterno covered up the sandusky chilly abuse. the family has repeatedly maintained the late coach's innocence but this is the first time they're commenting about it at length. separated by deployment and war, some military couples could use a hand making weddings come together. an organization in savannah georgia is helping with a completely free wedding. hi, elizabeth. >> hi, good to see you. for so many military couples walking down the aisle is nearly
12:50 pm
impossible because the unexpected deployment and financial reasons, of course until weddings for warriors came along. for coast guard petty officer jason smith and historic blizzard bride, walking -- his bride, walking down the aisle was something they thought would never happen. for many the wedding day is a simple ceremony at the courthouse. >> it's not easy. >> until weddings for warriors came along. this group of volunteers in savannah comes together, plans and pays for active duty military couples weddings and vow renewal. >> the stories are so similar. he or she was being deployed. they had very little time, they ran to the courthouse in tee shirt and jeans. >> every last detail is donated. the flowers, designer gown, the food, the venue, the music, even the hair and makeup. >> we had no idea the depth of
12:51 pm
need. and i think we had no idea the depth of the community at large wanting to embrace the military and thank them in a meaningful way. >> for some of these couples it was a dream they thought would never come true. >> all the little girls that dream of their wedding, these ladies dreamed it as well. and they didn't have it. >> reporter: john, she went on to say she's getting phone calls from as far as hawaii. other people are starting groups in cities across the country. >> what a terrific think. elizabeth, thanks. some tough new laws may force your neighborhood grocery store to make serious cutbacks. regulation nation next. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
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12:55 pm
i guess there is people like new year's babies and stuff like that and i'm like oh, you are a new year's baby. mine is a blizzard babe. little nemo is what my family is calling her. >> like the adorable cartoon fish erica kept swimming when things got dicey. she went into labor in the middle of the weekend's blizzard. mom called 911. the national guard stepped in to plow the roadways for emts who made it to her house just in time.
12:56 pm
they also nicknamed the baby bebe. regulation overload. and fox news is keeping you at home informed. in the last 90 days the obama administration has added more than 5800 new regulations. this regulation nation story is a real world illustration of the old saying give them an inch and they will take a mile. it began as way to provide nutritional information for restaurant customers but as shannon bream tells us, it is not stopping there. >> most within the restaurant industry were onboard with requirements stemming from the new healthcare law requiring them to provide nutritional information on their menus. but when the food and drug administration decided to extend that mandate to many supermarkets and convenience stores in the form of a new federal regulation store other thans were alarmed. >> they would be very burdensome. >> under the proposed regulation, thousands of stores would be forced to label
12:57 pm
unpackaged foods like those found in a salad bar, hot soups, and your favorite bakery items. the regulation would cost retailers a billion dollars in just the first year. >> the supermarket industry is a business that is well known that our net profit line average and has been forever is 1%. so when you incur a significant cost there is no way that that doesn't get passed on to the customer in some form. >> shannon: and there are some stiff penaltys. >> if you get it wrong, get this, it is a federal crime and you could face jail time and thousands of dollars worth of fines. >> shannon: the fda says "the information should help consumers limit exces excess ce intake and scrub stand how the foods that they purchase at these establishments fit within their daily caloric needs. >> they are required to do it and they didn't.
12:58 pm
they simply said we can't quantify a benefit from this rule and that is because they really can't. >> shannon: the fda says it has received hundreds of public comments on the proposed regulation and will consider them before issuing a final rule which the agency says will include that economic analysis is. in washington, shannon bream, fox news. former arizona congress woman gabrielle giffords and her husband will make a push for stronger gun control this week. their new super pac americans for responsible solutions will air its first tell investigation ad and tuesday the night of the state of the union address. giffords and kelly will attend the state of the union as guests of senator barbour and congressman john mccain. they started the group to combat the national rifle association lobby on capitol hill. leading republican senator
12:59 pm
lindsey graham is upping the ante in search for answers on the benghazi tragedy. the man who has been leading the too, find out who knew what when about the salmonella attack in benghazi that killed four north americans is trying a a new tactic today. he said he will hold up the nominations for the pentagon and cia unless the white house stops what he calls stone walling. i'm john roberts. hour number two of america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital starts right now. let's go to steve centanni who has been following the story of senator graham. good afternoon. >> good afternoon, john. talk this morning that there was talk on the is sunday talk shows that two important are nominations can be held up until the white house answers more questions about benghazi. during the attack in benghazi senator lindsey graham wants to know whether the president reached out personally to libyan leaders. he said the nomination of chuck hagel and john brennan could be
1:00 pm
side tracked until senators get the answers they want. while stopping short of supporting a filibuster graham has serious concerns about whether the president did enough to stop that attack that killed four americans. >> i do believe if he had picked up the phone, called the libyan government, these folks could have is gotten out of the airport to the annex and the last two guys may very well be alive and if he did call the libyan officials and they sort of blew him off that would affect whether or not i would give foreign aid in the future to libya. if he failed to call on behall of the people under siege that is a massive failure of leadership by our commander in chief. >> senator john mccain wants answers about senator hagel's opposition to the initiative in iraq. >> so then senator hagel to say he will let history be the judge. he there was and involved and i'm sure he is wrong and he knows he is wrong on the basis
1:01 pm
of the facts that happened. >> ha is the surge in afghanistan. democrats is suggest graham and mccain are doing the country a disservice. >> this is unprecedented to stop or attempt to try to stop the nomination of a secretary of defense and a cia director. we need the men and women of the department of defense need a secretary of defense. chuck hagel is qualified to be that secretary of defense. >> the senate armed services committee did postpone a vote on hagel until this week at the earliest. >> steve centanni in the newsroom for us. steve, thanks. >> you bet. a massive cleanup underway in the northeast after that monster snowstorm that dumbed up to three feet of know in some area. one of the cities hardest hit was boston. that is where molly line is. they are racing against the clock to dig out as much as they can before tomorrow's commute. does it look like they will be able to do it? >> absolutely. that is their goal.
1:02 pm
they really believe that they are are going to be able to get the mbta, the t as they call it near boston the transit system up and running for tomorrow's commute. they are warning people it might be slow going as you head into work in the morning. and school is canceled for tomorrow. the mayor saying they will give it one more day for cleanup and patrol to get out there. no school tomorrow here in the city of boston. we are here at logan airport where things are beginning to get back to normal. opened up here last nate at 11:00 p.m. today, two of the four run areways up and running already and by the end of the day they are hoping things will be back to normal and all of the airlines will have a chance to catch up on the flights and delays and cancellations that happened over the course of the storm. a very busy day. traffic nonstop. folks coming out with luggage waiting for cabs. people pulling up to drop off loved ones for the next flight. one more touch on the mbta, on
1:03 pm
the transit system they have been out there in force. we have seen great pictures on their twitter feeds of them cleaning with the big plows down the tracks. limited service is already up and running for the t as of 2:00 this afternoon. they will open up some of the lines throughout the city of boston. still, many, many challenges, particularly to the south of the city as far as electricity is concerned. there is still over 200,000 people without power. about 80,000 of those folks are on cape cod. they had a lot of power outages on the south shore where the snow continued a little longer than the rest of the state and was heavy. that is a concern tomorrow. we are expecting rain and that could come down and make the snow heavier and we could see possibly roof collapses. they are asking people to get out there and try and clean out roofs if you can if it is safe ahead of that rain we are expecting tomorrow. >> molly line, gloves off for us in boston. thanks so much. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth at the fox extreme weather center with a look at
1:04 pm
what is in store now. molly mentioned the rain and you advocated get out the shovels today. don't delay. >> today is your day. tomorrow into the a good day at all with the rain. cold rain. start a little bit as freezing rain. but today's temperatures right around that freezing mark. tomorrow up by about 10-12 degrees but again as the rain is going to get heavy and once that happens it is going to be next to impossible to move and this weekend a major cold blast coming in so it will turn into big blocks of ice. tonight the temperatures drop, once again. take a look at what we expect to see with the storm on its way. temps today looking fine. by this afternoon and this evening we see it move through pennsylvania and maryland and virginia and start to see the bit of freezing rain and mix move in towards new york city and then it is all rain. a pretty significant rain. a half inch to three quarter inch of rain. that will cause more problems. this is where that is coming from. a storm that we got in across the central part of the country right now bringing blizzard warnings again in towards the northern plains. windy and a lot of snow.
1:05 pm
and then a tornado threat down to the south. the new tornado watch box in effect until 6:00 p.m. local time. we have the tornado threat but a big drought going on especially across georgia. almost half of the state is in some sort of exceptional drought. i bring this up because the storm is going to sal out across the south. the next three days get ready, very, very rainy. looking at possible significant flash flooding from mississippi to georgia. the bright news, georgia needs the rain but 4-6-inches falling in a couple of days is a little too much too quickly. >> rick reichmuth for us. thanks so much. we'll check back with you. new information now on one of the largest manhunts in california history. police setting up a special new task force to find an ex-cop and navy veteran turned triple murder suspect who has evaded a massive law enforcement operation covering three states and mexico for a full week now. fox news getting new video of
1:06 pm
christopher dorner showing him training during his time with the los angeles police department. alisa acuna has the latest on the manhunt. >> the dorner task force is made up of multiple police agent sits and the u.s. marshalls and the fbi. because of his flight training the department of homeland security and tsa put flight crews on alert. charlie beck announced the reopening into the investigation the firing of chris dorner back in 2008. he said he is not doing it to appease the murder suspect but to allow transparent icy for the public. dorner alleges that the department and is specific people here are responsible for his being let go and that police say is why he went on a venging 68 shooting rampage this past week. here is is the police chief. >> we would be more than happy to interview him. as a matter of fact, i think that would be a wonderful
1:07 pm
solution to this if he was to give himself up we would be glad to listen to what he has to say. >> dorner has plenty to say in the ma manifesto. there is concern that he will show himself tonight around the location of the grammy awards hosted in downtown los angeles. an event that traditionally has a lot of police on site but tonight will have even more. the chief will hold a news conference here along with the mayor of los angeles and irvine as well as the fbi. they will discuss a reward that will be covered for any information leading to the arrest of dorner. john? >> alicia acuna outside of the lapd headquarters. should the president be able to make the decision about who dies unilaterally?
1:08 pm
peter doocy has the latest from washington. >> there seems to be a consensus among lawmakers, democrats and republicans this morning any american citizen who aligns themselves with terrorists trying to harm other americans should be considered a possible target for are a lethal drone strike. there was disagreement among two prominent republicans today about whether or not the president should consult congress or some kind of a court before ordering a lethal operation against an american. >> the president a politician, republican or democrat, should never get to decide someone's death by flipping flew flash cards and saying do you want to kill him, i don't know, yeah, let's go ahead and kill him. >> meanwhile, senator john mccain says taking away the ability to order drone strikes would be an encroachment of president obama's power but mccain thinks the whole system should be reorganize. >> we need to take the whole program out of the hands of the central intelligence agency and put it into the department of defense with adequate oversight
1:09 pm
and committee oversights and all of the things that are built in as oversight of the department of did he fence. since when is the intelligence agency suppose odd be an air force of drones that goes around killing people? i believe it is a job for the department of defense. >> senator dick durbin promised that more oversight into drone strikes is on the way. >> trying to come up with a legal architecture to deal with the new war on terrorism. i'm chairman of the constitution subcommittee and judiciary. we will hold hearings to work on the element how to mesh the constitutional principles and values with the new mode of war. >> independent senator angus king from maine said today that any independent check on the executive branch is healthy for our system. >> thanks so much. it has been more than a week since former senator chuck haig 8 answered questions in front of a senate committee but has yet to be confirmed. republicans say they still need
1:10 pm
more information from him and karl levin says they are asking too much. joining me is the ranking member of the senate armed is services committee senator imhoff. senator graham said he thinks the corn firmation of hagel and john brennan should be held up until the president has a full accounting of his whereabouts and involvement during the benghazi attack. where do you come down on that? there there are so many other reasons to hold up chuck hagel not so much so on brennan. but he has every right to do that and he is looking for more information. he has not gotten it yet and i knee because i'm the ranking member on the republican side on armed services. and we have made several requests. haven't come back and i think as a member of the committee that lindsay has every right to do that. >> as we heard during leon panetta's physica testimony toe committee he had one
1:11 pm
conversation with the president and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff martin dempsey that lasted a half hour during the attack and that was the only time that the president checked in with him and high temperature chairman of the joint chiefs on a personal level. are you concerned about what his level of involvement was during the whole debacle? >> i'm concerned about his level of concern on the thing. if you look at all of the things that happened in april, may, june, july, those are things that caused the red cross to cut and get out of there. the brits did the same thing. i know chris stevens. he was a great guy and he actually made a request for more security and was denied that request. so i would say where was the president during all that time? it was a lack of, i don't know, lack of interest in the thing. but he was certainly not being presidential. >> and what is your big problem with how -- the entire aftermath of benghazi? >> to me they are not really covering the right issue on that. what we do know about benghazi is that -- i'm talking about
1:12 pm
the attack on the annex. that was the second attack. it actually happened early in the morning of the 12th. when that happened that was without any question a terrorist attack that was organized al-qaeda type of attack. everybody knows it. brennan told me he said unequivocally that is what it is. panetta said the same thing during the open meeting. they knew that the day of the attack and why do they send susan rice out there to lie to the american people on that weekend to all five of the big shows on tv. the only answer is it was before the election and they didn't want people to know what a lousy policy we had or the president has had in the middle east. >> something else that came up during the hearing was secretary panetta said there was no way they could have called in f-16s you just can't bomb the heck out of a place with f-16s if you don't know where you are going. do you buy that argument there was nothing that the pentagon
1:13 pm
could have done with aircraft even flying them low to scare people away? >> they could have prepared for this months and weeks ahead of time and could have placed something in the vicinity. if you stop and realize that chris stevens was making a plea for help all during that period of time i would say that we could have had somebody there and we have the asset there's. not the assets we should have but we have assets there. >> let's switch to the hagel confirmation. you are on the record, senator, assaying that you will do all you can to prevent him from becoming secretary of defense. >> i don't want to be unfair but i said that in the very beginning and when came into my office i looked him in the eyes and said i love you dearly and you are war hero and all that but you can't be secretary of defense. does it occur to you, are you at all concerned that the ministry of iran is endorsing his candidacy, his nomination for secretary of defense? the things that he has done, senator cruz came out with
1:14 pm
these things. the al-jazeera interview where he agreed that america is the world's bully. he agreed that israel is guilty of committing war crimes. you know, this is the type of thing that you can't -- you can't accept. i know he is popular and i know that he is going to do his best. i will do my best to see that he is not the secretary of defense. >> and among the things that you potentially do to derail the confirmation is now to filibuster in the senate. is that something you are prepared to do? >> let me put it this way. it has been done many, many times. in fact, 89 times in the last -- in recent history. 71 of those times where it was not filibustered necessarily but called for a 60 vote margin. i want a 60 vote margin, john. you don't have is to philly buster to get that. if there is a way of doing. >> you don't actually have to mount the filibuster but there is the threat of it. that is what threatens cloture
1:15 pm
vote. >> you realize you just made news here saying you would support a filibuster. many of the senate colleagues said they don't think it should come to that. >> they are predicating on the assumption that we haven't been doing it. in the last nine years we is done it nine times. and some of them have been confirmed and some have is not. i don't see anything wrong with requiring a 60 vote margin for either one of the two most significant jobs or appointments that a president has. frankly i don't trust this president to make the right appointments. i don't think that hagel is the right appointment. >> senator james inhofe, good to see you this afternoon. a deadline to avoid deep automatic spending cuts is just around the corner and the debt clock just keeps on ticking. will congress ever strike a deal not just on equestions
1:16 pm
expectation but on the overall budget? and karl rove creates a new super pac aimed at coming up with candidates. we will talk to karl rove, coming up. my doctor told me calcium is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release.
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1:20 pm
we passed a bill twice to replace the sequester. it is time for the president and senate democrats to do their job. john boehner placing the blame at the feet of president obama and senate democrats as to why there is no deal in place to avoid sequestration but there is the overall problem of the budget. law make ares seem to be no where close to striking a deal with the sequester looming. joining us for a fair and balanced debate, congressmen representing districts in ohio. thanks for joining us. let me start out with you, congress woman captor. the president at the state of the union address on tuesday will talk about jobs and the economy and no doubt the need to kick the sequestration can down the road and as well raise new revenues through close hing tax loopholes. why do you support raising more money through taxes? didn't we already just go through this a month ago? >> well, what is important is
1:21 pm
that we have a balanced plan. both of spending cuts and we had over 2 trillion of those already and we see that less police around the country and educational cuts going up because those are locking in but we also need those who can afford to pay more to do so and we have at the moment about $2.50 of spending cuts for every dollar in revenue and you need a balanced plan in order to keep the economy growing. we saw a sluggishness in the last quarter of 2012 simply because of the layoffs related to the cuts we already made. we want to keep the economy going. the top priority out here are in ohio is jobs. >> any way that you will accept new tax increases? >> again, in december the president got $41 in tax increases for only $1 in spending cuts. that is the problem with going forward and why we passed this
1:22 pm
past week requiring a plan. we want a plan. let's see the plan. if we can't balance a budget if ten years we want to see when the president will be able to balance the budget because that is the most morn thing. we do have is to make sure the economy is going. right now we have so much uncertainty and unpredictability that the business people, i was a businessman for 28 years prior to coming to congress. they need to see certainty and predict act and don't need to see new taxs. >> did you draw a red line in taxes or could the republican party in upcoming negotiations as many republicans i talked to across the country feel cave to the president? >> i think what happened here is the tax increases that went up were results of legislation that was passed 10, 11, 12 years guy. we have to look at tax reformion comprehensive tax reform. lower rates. we have to make sure we broaden the base. those are the things that are going to be important over this next year at the same time bringing certainty and predictability and a plan and a
1:23 pm
budget. the house was going to bass a budget again this year. we need the senate to pass and act a budget and we need the president to put a budget in place that people will pass. the president's budget the last two years received no votes in congress from republicans or democrats. >> the looming sequestration, congress woman kaptur, avoid it at all costs? >> we have to avoid that. i agree with congressman renacci we have is to give certainty to the markets to keep the economy growing. what is happening now is that even federal accounts defense for example here in ohio, 13,000 employees in dayton at wright patterton air force base could be put on some type of furlough. frankly, members of congress don't even have budgets to run their own offices to rent office space yet because there is no certainty because of the sequestration act. we need tore companies to grow
1:24 pm
up. the house republicans i know that congressman renacci wants to be a part of a team to pass a real budget. that can be done and i wait for the president's remarks this coming week. but we need cooperation of the republicans as well starting here in ohio. if ohio republicans and democrats can disagree, of course, there are four times as many and three times as many of them in the current congress because of jerr gerrymandering. >> the gauntlet has been thrown, glove slapped. whatever you want to call it. republicans need to grow up. what do you say to that? >> the republicans have passed a budget the last two years. the senate needs to pass a budget. we already passed two bills to replace sequestration. growing up is not actually the words we should be use. we should be coming together as americans and working together to get things accomplished. i hope to see the senate at least take something up.
1:25 pm
remember, in congress the house passes something, the senate passes something they come together and they compromise. we are missing one piece. the senate to do something. hopefully we can get something done. >> thanks for joining us today. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> republican political consultant karl rove is often viewed as the man behind the curtain of the republican party. after losing the last presidential election can rove rebrand the party and help it come up with a winning formula for the future? we'll ask him, coming up next. oh! progress-oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups
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it isn't as much a spending problem as it as priorities and that is what a budget is, setting priorities. >> but you talk about growth, even kristina roamer the former head of the council of economic
1:30 pm
advisors for the president says you increase taxes and that also hurts growth. >> well, it is a timing. it is about timing. and it is about timing as to when you make cuts as well. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi talking about sequestration and the budget on "fox news sunday" with chris wallace. she says the democratic party has made enough spending cuts though it is open to more and what the economy really needs is growth and new revenue. earlier this morning i had the opportunity to is sit down with chris wallace and hear more about his exclusive interview with the congress woman. chris, your conversation with nancy pelosi earlier today was actually the other day that you pretaped it, she seemed to indicate that democrats are bound and determined to raise taxes again. >> absolutely. you know, it is the old line the president used it during the campaign, balanced approach. it can't all be spending cuts, it has to be spending cuts and also some tax increases on the wealthy and loo it worked for them in the campaign. it worked during the argument
1:31 pm
over the fiscal cliff. i think and you see the president making the case now it is a choice between helping the middle class who the white house says will be hurt by these automatic spending cuts, cutbacks in education, headstart, fewer law enforcement, cuts in the number of food inspectors as opposed to taking away some of the loopholes and deductions for the rich. republicans don't like the argument but it is a pretty politically powerful argument for the president. >> you rightly pointed out to her you can't close the budget gap on the backs of the rich. even if you were to tax everyone who makes a million dollars or more at 100% you could still come up short. >> we had the huge fight in the fiscal cliff and finally kicking and dragging the republicans forced to agree to an increase on taxes on people making more than $450,000 a year. total amount that that is going to raise for the treasury in the first year is $60 billion.
1:32 pm
they then went the next week and passed the sandia relief bill. guess what, $60 billion. all the money that they got through this hard won fight over taxes they then spent. >> disappears quickly. >> right. >> you asked her about the big problem out there when it comes to blowing a hole in the budget and that is entitlements. mandatory spending. whats she prepared to do about that? >> they talk did cuts but it always is and i scrub stand because a lot of older people really depend on medicare and social security. it is a difference between making it and not making it but she doesn't want to see cuts in benefits and also opposes even though the president proposed it an increase in the medicare eligibility age from 65 to 67. they think they can do it all by cutting to providers and that there is too much money in the system and you can cut that back. is congressional budget office found if you cut as much money as they do in obama care,
1:33 pm
$700 billion out of providers some of the providers are going to get out of the program and then they will lose access. they will drop seniors as customers. >> and there are plenty of studies that suggest that will in fact be the case. you also asked her about gun control, hey, you are are friends with hollywood are you prepared to hold their feet to the fire and embarrass them about this. >> no, she said we need to have more studies and shouldn't be based on what we think. we should have scientific research and only if it prove there's is a link between violent media and violence in the real world then we will talk about it but in terms of just going to hollywood and trying to shame them and say stop doing this kind of stuff, not at this point. >> a great conversation with her and senator john mccain as well. looking forward to the rest of it on "fox news sunday." thanks. >> catch the entire exclusive interviews with congress woman nancy pelosi and senator john mccain right here on the fox news channel. "fox news sunday" airs right after america's news headquarters. is the republican party on
1:34 pm
the brink of civil war? a feud between grass roots conservatives and establishment republicans is threatening to boil over. at the center of all of this, a battle over candidates for the 2014 mid term elections. karl rove is launching the conservative victory project after some high profile losses in november. his argument, the republican primary process has nominated candidates who are "unelectable and he aims to change that. fox news contributor karl rove joins us now. good to see you. >> a project of american crossroads, a group that i helped organize is undertaking this effort. >> you are at least 50% of american cross roads so if we attribute much of it to you i hope you don't mind. tell me -- >> i'm actually about this much of american cross roads but everybody seems to put it all on me. so okay, go ahead. >> i think that is a testament to your track record. when you talk about electable versus unelectable, karl what is unreelectable?
1:35 pm
>> well, unelectable is somebody who has a pension for being a bad candidate. goes out and says things that get them into difficulty. difficulty raising money and building a brass roots support and runs an undisciplined campaign and has in the background things that explode during the course of the campaign and result in their losing. we lost too much seats in 21st and 2011.0 the democrats are picking up on this. in the missouri senator are republican primary the former state treasurer endorsed by sarah palin. john bruner a self-made businessman from st. louis endorsed by the u.s. chamber of commerce and the third candidate running behind the pact was congressman todd akin. the political action committee went in and spent more money attacking him during the republican primary as being conservative. they said he is too conservative. never supported a tax increase. always prolife. even supported a balanced budget amendment the kind of
1:36 pm
things that endear people in the republican primary voter. and harry reid spent more money than any of the other candidates in order to get the weakest republican into the general election knowing that they had a very difficult uphill fight in missouri and sure enough they got the weakest candidate and he blew himself up with the infamous current about illegitimate rape. >> you say it is to put in more quote electable candidates. the conservative wing of the republican party says the most eledgable is the most moderate and that is not necessarily the people they want to see running for office. >> lock, look, looking, look, look, look, let's be clear about this. cross roads support for tea party candidates. we are the largest financial backers of tea party candidates for the senate and the house. we spent over $30 million for tea party senate candidate. over $25 million for house candidates. $2.9 million for marco rubio.
1:37 pm
more than any other group in the general election. $2.7 million for rand paul. $8 million in colorado for ken buck. $5.1 million in nevada for sharon angle. pat toomey the former head of club for growth. we spent $1.4 million more than the group that he used to head. we spent a million dollarsed in the last year in nebraska, relatively inexpensive state but a million dollars is a lot of money for deb fisher. $5.9348 for richard murdoch and $3.3 million in missouri. we stopped running the proakin ads, the antimccaskell ads when blew himself up. this is not about e&s deology. i am a huge marco rubio fan. i gave marco rubio my personal contribution because i knew he was an incredible communicator. he was the conservative who would wen and that is what we are looking for, the conservative who can win.
1:38 pm
>> so karl, in terms of all of those names that you mentioned one sticks out and that is pat toomey and the club for growth which thinks you are try fog go against grass roots conservatives points to 2004 and says why did karl rove urge arlenent bush to support are specter over pat toomey. he would not have switched and been what many people decided to be the deciding vote for obama care. >> my job in 2004 as senior are advisor to president bush was to give him advice on the west way to manage the republican senate caucus. if bush came out against a chairman of the senate judiciary committee helping move forward all of the nominees for the judiciaries. we is would have had different problems. there is a difference between being a presidential advisor which is what i was then. you mentioned club for growth. it is headed by chris chicola.
1:39 pm
i was the guy in 2002 that convinced president bush to go to indiana twice to campaign for chris chicola. you know it is rare that a republican or democratic president campaigns in an open seat for congress let alone go in there and doing two fundraisers. if club or growth wants to be critical of me about not being a sufficient conservative maybe my mistake was convincing bush, yes, mr. president you need to go to indiana to campaign twice tore chris and i was glad we did. he was a good member and a friend of mine. they are off base here. they are being paranoid when they shouldn't be paranoid. >> karl rove, thanks so much. good to talk to you. >> thank you. >> coming up now that a bipartisan group of senators announced their plans for sweeping immigration reform. is it time to act? up next a fair and balanced debate with two lawmakers well
1:40 pm
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the san diego sheriff's department says it has foiled a student's plan to open fire at a school tomorrow. they got an anonymous e-mail last friday from a student threatening to shoot a teacher and her 23 students. investigators traced the e-mail to a 12-year-old-year-old student. a search of the home turned up numerous guns and a whole lot of ammunition which is why they don't think this was a hollow threat. officials say the student is being evaluated and treated at a hospital. immigration reform has onekes heating up on capitol hill. the president and gang of 8 in the senate unveiled their plans for changing the nation's laws.
1:45 pm
soon the house is expected to weigh in. joining us is republican congressman blake fairenhold of texas and sheila jackson-lee. good afternoon to both of you and thanks for being with us. congressman fairenhold all buttoned up there. let me start are with you, if coy, congress. what are we expecting from a the house? another group working on this. any idea what tape it will take? >> pretty much unversal agreement in the house that the immigration system is broken. we are trying to find the right solution that everybody can live with. >> and congress woman jackson free, the biggest issue is a path to citizen high pressure and in the timing of that. how do you think it should go in any house version of immigration reform legislation that comes out? >> john, i think we should reflect on our history. if we look at the words of lincoln at the gettysburg address he talked about liberty
1:46 pm
and the creation of opportunities in democracy and that is all immigrants want. over a decade i have been engaged in the whole issue of comprehensive immigration reform on the immigration subcommittee on judiciary and now the border are security committee. we have to overcome the skimping and scheming of those who really don't want a comprehensive plan. we will not be able to finish the job if we do not look at the value and contributions of immigrants over is the years. the 1900s it was the italians, the germans, the russians who came and they are now third generation or more. it is a simple process. earned access to legalization includes all undocumented persons. some of my republican friends have announced a plan. we want to just deal with children. others are afraid of the word amnesty. this is not that. earned access means that you stand in line, you pay a penalty of sorts that has been looked at by many, many groups and then you process into a position that you can come from out of the shadows. that is what we need to do.
1:47 pm
border security is ongoing and i have been part of that and we have made great strides and we can do more. but we must do it comprehensively. >> congressman farenthold where do you come down on the idea of a path to citizenship? solely for the children of parents who came here illegally, an orderly process is, should the border be secured percent or can you handle the path to citizenship before you complete border security? where do you come down on all that? >> the real problem is the people who have entered the country illegally or overstayed visas. we to be careful we don't create an in centsive for people to continue to do that. all sides agree we need to scar the border. a lot of people overstay see is as as well. if we grant amnesty we are saying if you can't get a visa through normal channels come over and wait long enough and there will be a chance to come
1:48 pm
in. i agree request congress woman jackson-lee this throw the football is a human tragedy here -- there is a human tragedy here. a class of people open to exploitation. we have to solve the problem but not open the door for the problem to continue with the new crop of people overstaying visas or crossing the border illegally. >> and we will -- >> john -- >> quickly if you could, congress woman. >> we are not talking about amnesty. you know how you your mother or someone says wash our mouth out with soap. we hope we don't have is to do that. it is a process where we do not interfere with the legal process when i say the legal process those who have been standing in line. if we change the is system so that we develop an infrastructure of immigration services to get those who are undocumented does my friend know that the undocumented in texas who are working generate $14.5 billion in tax revenue to the state? and $77 million or billion dollars to the state product? and so what we are saying is is we have border security. we have is funded the customs
1:49 pm
and border patrol more than dea and aff and fbi. we have doubled the number of border patrol agents. let's build on that but you must be able to get the adults and children from out of the shadows and it is a amnesty. amnesty did not require anything for those that stayed in the country. it is a penalty and some don't like that but you it as process that gives regular order to those who have come because they wanted an opportunity. those who may be overstay and allows to us build on the in at the electric of those college students who have come here who want to contribute to the nation. >> i have is to jump in here because time is very short here. no question a complex issue that will choir a lot of discussion. i appreciate both of you take the time to be with us here today. thanks so much. we will be right back with more news. stay with us. while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms.
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many of you were buried under several feet of snow this weekend and have been sending us your amazing pictures. here is a few of our favorites. gene in walling ford connecticut stated 234 in if he tow a great time to do yardwork perhaps. the drifts in lispfield maine are massive. sheila is send this june believable picture of waves crashing over a sea ball of
1:54 pm
snow that was covering the beach. not a sight that you see every day. we have a soft spot for pets. watson frolicking in harvard yard. upload your own photos. he looks like a happy puppy. joining business -- turning to business news now. small business owners don't like what they see from the economy. a survey from the national small business association suggests they are less optimistic about the outlook for their own firms and the overall u.s. economy than they were at this time last year. nearly 9 out of ten surveyed say the chi will be flat or in a recession in 2013 and only about a third of people believe their firms will grow in the coming year. looks like a scene from a movie theater but it is not. an unlikely duo teams up to protect arizona schools. what hollywood has in common with america's toughest sheriff, coming up next.
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>> israeli prime minister bennia minute netanyahu says president obama's trip to israel next month will emphasize the strong ties between got the two countries. netanyahu welcomed obama's visit and says there are three main topics on the leader's agenda. >> the president and i talk about this visit and agree that we will discuss three main issues. iran's arms race.
1:59 pm
iran's attempts to arm itself with the nuclear weapons and the situation in syria and its implication for the region's security as well as that of israel and the united states, of course. >> and america's toughest sheriff is joining forces with one of america's toughest action stars. arizona sheriff joe arpaio and actor steven segal. more than 3,000 people joined the volunteer positive for salmonella icy. arpaio says itle help deter school shooters and won't cost taxpayers a dime. that is all the time we have for us here in washington. "fox news sunday" is coming up next. chris wallace has exclusive interviews with house minority leader nancy pelosi and senator john mccain. you don't want to miss that. i'm unroberts in for -- i'm john roberts in for shannon bream today. have a great rest of our weekend and if you are in new england get to shoveling now


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